Our Stories and Blessings
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"I got a job on Christmas Eve"
Janice (a family of 5) was able to receive a Christmas foodbox from NECF. She was blessed to also get a new job on Christmas Eve at this new Laundromat. She was so excited as she came in today and told us she wanted to give back to help many people. SO - many families will be blessed through this. Thank you Janice. Thank You Lord...

"Thank you Jesus for these Work Clothes"
A lady came in today telling us she just got a full time job as a manager and she needed nice work clothes this new job. "I have been praying...God please let there be work clothes at NECF in my size when I get there." as she looked through the clothes she kept shouting, "Thank you Lord - this is so nice" She said she now has enough nice work clothes for the next 2 weeks. She even asked if she could change since she needed to have some new clothes this afternoon for her new job and she didn't have any money to buy anything. Once she changed, she was so thrilled she kept saying over and over "thank you Jesus and thank you NECF" All we could think of was Psalm 23 - "My cup overflows...."

"WOW - This is Great!"
A man came in this afternoon walking from way across Decatur to bring 3 large bags of empty plastic bags for us to use. We thanked him for taking his time in the cold to reach out to help us - as he helped many clients. As he was leaving he asked, "I wonder if you had just a little bit of coffee you could spare?". I reached in my desk and handed him 8 small hotel packets of coffee. His face lit up with a huge smile. I said, "wait just a minute" and I handed him a package of hotel creamers and sugars. - His smile got even larger and he said, "Wow, this this is great". Thank you Lord for teaching all of us to be thankful even for the "small packets"!

"You've helped me so much"
a client (with children) just came in and with tears in her eyes, she quietly placed a folded $5 bill under my keyboard as I was typing. I told her thank you, and she said through more tears, "I wish I could do more, but that is all I have right now". I quietly told her that her "special gift will allow us to buy a total of 25 lbs of meat from the food bank since we can purchase food for only 19 cents a pound through Central Illinois Food Bank. Your gift will be a blessing to many families who come in for
food." - Again, she smiled and through her tears, she said, "you have helped me far more than that." Lord, please continue to bless our many great clients who have a great need". - Just learned that this special client found a broken water pipe in her house yesterday and she had to pump out hundreds of gallons of water out of her basement. We have some people working with her. Now her gift means so much more. Lord, please bless this lady and her family.

Blessing Stories
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