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"Another package from Amazon"
4 more crock pots - WOW- Praise the Lord - EVERY SINGLE ONE is needed and also wanted by each and every family it is given to. Since I asked for 15 we have received 56 total...like I said, I need to watch what I ask for...Malachi 3:10 - ..." I will open the floodgates from Heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it" - I believe that God is just smiling up there knowing so many families will be blessed because other people made donations. WOW GOD!!!

"One more crock pot"
1. Lisa brought about 230 bags of egg noodles for our Christmas food boxes. AND she also brought in a crock pot...WOW
2. A lady came in today asking us for Rx assistance - She needed $4 for 2 prescriptions and she didn't have any money for that. She asked if we had some small appliances for her cook? She didn't have a working stove and she had been eating all cold food for about 3 weeks. I reached under my desk and asked if she could use a crock pot (the one that Lisa brought in). She began to cry... - She came around and asked if she could give me a hug. God continues to bless as we all reach out to help
"I need to watch what I ask for" - God blesses beyond what I ask or even imagine...Today people brought in another 9 crock pots. People have donated a total of "31" total crock pots to NECF in the last week. SPECIAL THANK YOU to each and every one who made this donation happen. Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing. LOTS of families will be able to cook a hot meal.

"Road Riders for Kids" A special lady came in, smiled and quietly handed me a green envelope. She knew we were busy. I placed this under my keyboard and when I had a minute I opened this up there was a check from "Riders for Kids". This is group of kids whose parents ride their motorcycles. They had a fundraiser especially so that they could give NECF a special donation. Inside the envelope was a check for $2,427.25. Thank you to this special group...Terrific...God Bless these kids and their parents.

"Great homemade sleeping bags"
A family of 5 (single mom and 4 boys)came in this morning this morning. Mom came in for food and she was cold rubbing her hands together trying to get them warm. With hesitancy in her voice, she asked if we had some warm blankets for her family. She said it was cold in her house for the last few nights and it is supposed to get even colder the next few days. We were able to give this mom hats and gloves and 4 VERY WARM homemade sleeping bags made by the "bag ladies" in Finley. These ladies have a tremendous ministry. They have made over 1,000 homemade warm sleeping bags. Lord, bless this family and also bless the ladies who make the special homemade sleeping bags.

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