Our Stories and Blessings
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"Special blessing in the mail"
Had a great blessing we had yesterday..... UPS delivered a box to us from Amazon. We wondered who is sending us something until we opened the box and there was a new crock pot sent to us as a gift to a client who doesn't have a stove. What a blessing...Then, a client came in this morning asking us if we had a crock pot since she doesn't have a stove. We asked her if she would like a new one. Her smile told the whole story. God's plan is awesome!!!

"New Job for Mom"
A single mom with 3 children came in to see us for food on Tuesday. She had a good job with good benefits working for a local firm that went out of business about 6 months ago and she has been spending many days looking for work - She told me, "I will work anywhere, I will do anything. She finally got a part time job working at a gas station. I told her about the jobs list we pass out and her eyes lit up. I told her to pray that Lord would guide her to the right person and that He already has a great plan for her. She reached for a copy and said she "would get on this today". She called me on Friday and told me through tears that she was hired by a local company and will start Monday making more than she ever made with more benefits than she has ever had. "Now, our family will have a great Christmas". I told her to make sure she thanked God for all He has done. "Oh, I already have many times."... God is good all the time...and all the time God is good!!!!!

"We're ok and everything is great"
I talked with a lady this week with 3 children now living with her parents. As we talked she told me they don't have plates and use paper plates..."but we're ok and everything is great" They only had 2 pots and only burner on her stove worked...."but we're ok and everything is great" They only had 1 blanket for each person in the household, they didn't have enough pillows for everyone..."but we're ok and everything is great". Their refrigerator doesn't cool really well and their freezer doesn't freeze most of the time..."but we're ok and everything is great". She kept saying this to me with a smile that told me she really meant it. We gave her a box of food, plates, glasses, 3 more blankets, and 3 more pillows and sheets for all of the beds...She came back and wanted to give us a hug and told us thanks so much. I again saw that smile of joy that truly said..."We're ok and everything is great" Thank you Lord for sending that special lady to us. You keep teaching me.

"I want to pay it all back"
NECF has micro-finance program where we help people who have a pay-day or title loan. They apply with us for a loan that is interest free. We pay off their pay-day loan and then they pay us back for an amount that they can afford. One lady came in and said that she was so thrilled she could completely pay her loan off. She saved so much in interest. Her pay-day loan was charging her 400% interest and she never thought she would ever catch up. She came in and made her last payment to us. She was so thrilled she said "she almost wanted to dance right there". We are glad that the Lord has allowed us to have this program. What a joy it is to see the facial expression of people when they are able complete their commitment.
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