NECF Serving people since 1969

Utility Bills
----Once a year around end of February – beginning of March – On an appointment only---
1. We can not pay on an OLD or past due power bills
2. We only pay for 1 month bill of actual usage of Gas and Electric
3. This money comes through a FEMA grant once a year.
4. We normally assist about 100 families a year.
Car Repair
1. Must have a job or be job related
2. Must have dependent child (ren)
3. Must have valid current car insurance and valid current drivers license
4. The car must be registered in your name or your spouses name
5. Must be eligible for money through DHS if you lost your job
6. Must be referred from a caseworker and have DHS sign off on the need
1. Must have 2 written quotes from 2 different local pharmacies before NECF can make a determination
2. NECF will only help up to $35.00 per person per year
1. Must have a valid current address in Macon County, Illinois
2. Can only receive a food basket once every 30 days
3. Food is given out Mon-Tues,Thurs and Fri from 9:00 – 11:30 to the first 60 families and then from 12:20 – 2:00 to the first 40 families.
4. The people go through a line a choose the food they would like to have.
1. Clothes are given freely to all people coming to the Center 5 days a week.
1. Furniture referrals are given out on Wednesday mornings for people to go to Central Illinois Christians in Missions to get free furniture.
Household items (plates, small appliances, curtains, etc…) – (as available)
1. These items are given freely to all people coming to the Center
Emergency money is available – only determined and given out by Mr. Jerry Pelz - Director
Micro-finance Program
– Mr. Jim German works with this program primarily to get people off of the Pay-Day Loan. An application is made out for this program. This has become a successful program for us.
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